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Playing Well with Others
Is Good for the Bottom Line

I love helping teams get  that they’re different,
get that it’s ok, and know that
differences make them stronger.

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See Carol in Action:
“Avoiding WWIII After You Leave the Workshop”

Are They Crazy or Is It Just Me?

This winter I presented “Are They Crazy or Is It Just Me?” at the Association for Fraternal Leadership and Values conference. About 3200 leaders from college fraternities and sororities were there. I was seriously impressed by the attendees. Both of my sessions were full. Here’s the promo for this keynote that I give to groups of Millennials at conferences, on campuses and at company events.

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See Carol A. Linden’s first book, available on Amazon now in paperback and Kindle formats:

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Coming SOON, look for The WORK PLACE GUIDE for Extraverts and Introverts. 

Workplace Guide Cover - small jpgDifferences at work can be draining and make us all less productive. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Read Carol’s new book to learn how to overcome natural differences, including Introversion and Extraversion, as well as our preferred work styles: how we work, and how we seek to influence others.

Questions frequently asked by clients:

Want to make your next conference or company event both entertaining and enlightening, in a way that helps everyone work better together so that they can accomplish goals? So that they can have meetings that are productive instead of painful? Make their work lives work better, really better?
Then invite Carol Linden of Effective With People, LLC to speak at your next event.

People are different–naturally. Understanding how we perceive and decide about things differently can make all the difference in the world in how effective we are in dealing with the differences in productive, healthy ways.

Carol gives keynotes, as well as lunch-n-learns and workshops, all focused on how natural healthy differences in our personalities can get in our way–but they don’t have to. Carol presents on topics such as

  • Hate Meetings? How to Make Meetings Work for Everyone
  • Are They Crazy or Is It Just Me? (especially for Millennial audiences)
  • Communicate Clearly and Create Buy-In

The bottom line is that playing well with others is good business.

To book Carol Linden for a key-note or workshop, call (919) 599-9301 or email us at info@effectivewithpeople.com.