Builders’ Mutual Insurance Company

Educational Clients:

NCCU MBA Program and Business School

University of Richmond

Montessori School of Durham

Wake Technical College

What Clients Say:

What Clients Say About “Working Effectively With Others”

 Carol’s information turned the light bulb “on” to who I am and why I tick like I do. This will be so useful in my new job as the Dean of a new college, where I need to be helpful to faculty, staff, and particularly students. Thank you for revealing the true me! – Susan Barton Osgood, Dean of Nursing

“Carol is an effective and engaging speaker. The subject matter she teaches is very useful not only in a professional setting but in everyday life. This is a class which should be taught to every student before they graduate and enter the workforce as it would be valuable in their interactions with others.”   –Cynthia Rossetti, Business Analyst

“I was having trouble communicating to certain clients of mine. I wasn’t able to put my finger on it, but I was afraid that I would lose them because I wasn’t connecting. Carol has helped me discover the best way to bridge the gap, and has empowered me to talk to anyone with confidence. Thank you, Carol.”              — Scott Markowitz, Media Consultant

  “The information presented was extremely illuminating. Carol Linden’s delivery is engaging and superbly demonstrated working and effectively communicating with people. I highly recommend this experience.”   –Bill Adams, Business Operations

Carol’s enthusiasm and knowledge of the topic made the course enjoyable and useful. I will definitely use the information to effectively communicate and work well with others in my job as a rental property manager.  –Gail Abelow, Property Manager

 I understand now why I react the way I do in specific situations. I feel better equipped to communicate with other temperaments and interaction styles and be more tolerant of others in general.  – Connie Kincade

 Carol’s workshop is enlightening. I had undergone Myers-Briggs training many years beforehand, but Carol’s presentations and the small-group dynamic that she used gave me new insights. She encouraged self-exploration that can lead to real change. In addition, she gave me ideas on how I can implement efficiency measures without treading too heavily on other people’s preferences and feelings. – K. Henry

 Excellent Class! Well-organized, well-thought out materials. This information will improve your life and the lives of those around you. Worth your time! – Tammie Pulley