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Networking for the Job Seeker – Without networking, you won’t like the odds

The data is clear – over 75% of jobs are found through networking. Not through the company websites and job boards, not through the great deep, vortex of nothingness and no response called “the World Wide Web” which can devour your days and make you wonder at the end of the week where the heck all your time went.
Yes, we do have to submit applications, but that process used to be both “necessary and sufficient.” Now it’s “necessary but not sufficient.” It’s only the beginning of the process.

There are still literally millions of Americans out-of-work right now. These job seekers are not being rejected. They’re not even being seen.

HR recruiters are not to blame. They are literally slammed with applicants. The latest data is that the average job posting attracts 495 applicants within the first 48 hours. Your chance of getting “eyes on” your resume is actually less than ¼ of 1%. Yes, you read that right – ¼ of 1%.

If you don’t like those odds, keep reading. There is an answer, thank goodness. That answer is to make contact with a real, live human being. And you do that through networking.

Networking used to be something that sales and marketing people and business owners did. Not “regular” people. The world has changed. As painful as it is to have to admit, recent history has taught us that none of us can afford to look at jobs and employers as permanent any more. If we want to increase our chances of getting re-employed and being employed in more satisfying ways, we all need to develop and sustain a network. It’s not an arena for the few anymore; it’s a requirement for all of us.